In local gastronomy veal barrosã is the queen. Tender and tasty meat, steak or grilled, succulent cutlets accompanied with bean rice or carrot rice.

The rojões , accompanied by rice, French fries and greens and the cabidela rice , from country chicken, are a specialty. Also the goat , especially during the Christmas and Easter periods, roasted or stewed and accompanied by potatoes roasted in a wood oven and carolino rice, is a dish not to be missed.

In winter, the choice falls on the papas de sarrabulho , the original and unique piloucos and the alheiras .
The bean feijoada red , with cabbages, chorizo and pork, the cabbages with beans (yellow) and asuã bones, chorizo and spare ribs, are other traditional dishes not to be missed.

With regard to fish, the choice falls on trout , baked cod , with mashed potatoes, lagareiro cod , among others ways to make cod.

As for bread, the choice should fall on corn bread or corn and rye bread . For dessert, the cream-milk burnt or with cinnamon, the homemade egg pudding , for Christmas, vermicelli , ants and french toast . The vinho verde , whether red or white, goes well with traditional dishes, but you can also choose wines from other regions of the country.

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